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Discovery Bible Clubs is a youth ministry held on Wednesday nights where children eagerly attend and bring their friends. Emphasis is placed on Bible study and Scripture memorization and includes lesson-related games and activities.
Bible Clubs is for children age four through grade six and is divided into four clubs:
​-Four and five year olds are Helpers
 -Grades one and two are Watchmen
​ -Grades three and four are Warriors
-Grades five and six are Champions


The weekly meetings are usually divided into several different sessions such as:
-Assembly Time!
​A Bible lesson is presented along with other Bible-centered activities.
-Club Time!
​Club members work in their individual manuals and
recite memorized Scriptures.
-Activity/Craft Time!
​Children engage in activities and crafts geared towards their age group.
Awards for achievements are presented for completion of manuals, Scripture memorization, perfect attendance, and other Christian service functions, such as bringing visitors to Discovery.
Discovery Bible Clubs encourages children to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, while offering an opportunity to learn more about God, His Word, and His will for their lives.
Join us Wednesday evenings from 7:00 to 8:30 pm each
Wednesday evening! 
What is Bible Clubs?

Bible Clubs

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